Stickyminds stay with us

sticky minds If you are already a customer of Stickyminds rock cafe cocktail Bar and you want to stay with us at Palekastro once more again, visit our official site of the apartments, sunrisepalekastro.gr and we will offer you a special discount as a “Rock Customer” of the Bar.



We Can Offer you a discount that reach till 10 % .

amd if you choose to book no refundable you can have a discount 15 % to the lowest rate in the internet

To do it so you have to book direct through our channel or contact with us..

On the code area type “stickyminds”

Happy New Year 202310 % OFF

Stay at Sunrise Apartments for nore than 3 days on May-June or September-Octomber and save 10 % of the total cost of your stay..

.And if you book no refundable add 5% off from the total cost of your stay..

Cheers !!